BusinessETouch has Rebranded to eTouchCRM

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For the last 11 years BusinessETouch has been helping insurance agents keep track of and stay in touch with their clients and Prospects. Our customers have enjoyed the ease of use, customization, and email marketing features of that CRM system. Our new CRM has an entirely new look and is designed to make your workday a pleasure.
eTouchCRM puts all the information you need on the main contact page. Without having to click on other tabs or scroll down the page. You can not only see basic information like the name, address, email, and phone numbers. eTouchCRM shows you the Birthday and calculates the age. We also show all the sold and cancelled policies. If you need permanent notes to cover yourself for legal reasons, we have that. We also have regular notes that you can edit. We even have a place for your client’s picture. No other CRM makes it so easy to see your history with each client.

eTouchCRM is also available for other Salespeople     

This system is designed so well, we felt it would be wrong to limit it to just insurance agents. So, we have a sister site for salespeople that are not in insurance. The insurance system has ready to use insurance letters and a policy section. Our sister site does not have the ready to use insurance letters and we have changed the Policy Section to a Sales Section. The policy and sales sections can both be customized to meet your exact needs.

eTouchCRM calculates your commissions

With both the Insurance system and the general sales system we save all your information needed to keep track of your sales. As part of that system if the commission information is entered. eTouchCRM will calculate your commission and display it on your Commission Tracking Report. Showing you the Total Commission for the month and breaking down that commission into three categories so you can see where your commissions are coming from.

Email and Text Message marketing

With eTouchCRM email and text message marketing could not be easier. You can create as many email and text message templates as you want. Our Campaign system allows you to easily choose the length of time between each email or text and then assign the message you want to send on that date and time. And our Quick Monthly, weekly, and daily Campaign feature allows you to simply put a check next to the month, week, or day you want to send the email or text. Choose the message you want to send from the dropdown, and you are done. These quick campaigns make setting up an email or text campaign so easy, even a 70-year-old who hates computers can do it in seconds.

Email and Text Message Notices

eTouchCRM will send you an email when an email or text message is opened and when a link is clicked. We also save a permanent record of the date and time in that contacts email section.

Link to Set Calendar Appointments

eTouchCRM has a link that you can put on your website and add to your signature that when clicked, it will show your eTouchCRM Calendar and your scheduled appointments. Users can not change existing appointments but can schedule their own appointments with you.

Click to Dial

This is a great time saver if you are selling over the phone. Our click to dial feature allows agents and salespeople to call anywhere in North America with 3 clicks of the mouse. It takes less than 2 seconds and your call is placed. Our system works with Skype Phone. Users sign up with Skype phone for unlimited calling in North America for only $2.99 a month. There is no additional charge from eTouchCRM.

Automated Systems

eTouchCRM will automatically send an email to your clients and prospects based on a date field. So, after a one time set up. Your system will automatically send Birthday Ecards and other emails based on the date of that event. Insurance agents love how the system sends a policy renewal date email automatically to their clients every year. Of course, our mail merge feature allows you to put any information that is saved in the system directly into the email being sent.


eTouchCRM has a variety of Ecards that you can send to your clients and prospects. Unlike other Ecard systems our cards send out as a jpeg in the email so the person receiving the email does not have to click on a link to see the card. Just like our automated email program. You can set up the system to automictically send the birthday Ecard on the birthday date field and with our mail merge every client gets a card with their name on the card. We have Birthday, Congratulations, Thank You, Independence Day and every other major holiday.

If you have any questions or would like a demo of our redesigned and rebranded eTouchCRM, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 406-558-4093 ext. 4.

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