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A huge part of your income should be coming from repeat business with your existing clients. When they think of insurance your name should be the first thing to come to mind. As a health and life agent I knew my CRM systems were working when I started getting calls from existing customers asking me for auto and homeowners insurance. When I quit selling insurance, I had a 93% retention rate and I was selling 100% over the phone. With no person to person contact, I was building relationships with my clients. And I attribute that entirely to my communications through BusinessETouch. Follow my suggestions listed below and  you to will build relationships with your clients using BusinessETouch.

In order to build relationships with your clients using BusinessETouch you need to keep Great Notes:
Date and Time Stamped are important to build relationships with clients using BusinessETouch.

Date and Time Stamped Permanent Notes in the BusinessETouch System.

Keep great notes on everything you do with your customers. Not just what you are selling them, keep notes on their personal lives. So, when you call back you can ask questions about their children, pets and any other situation that they may have shared. Personal relationships are a huge part of building a lasting book of business. With BusinessETouch our permeant notes are date and time stamped and you can search for any word in the system.

Having a great search feature is also very important. In an effort to help you build relationships with your clients using BusinessETouch we have built a search feature that allows you to search for any information that is saved in the system. Once I had a new product that was perfect for an existing client but I couldn’t remember his name. However, I did remember that he told me that his son was the quarterback on his high school football team. I did a search for the word quarterback in the notes field and found him in an instant and ended up getting the sale.

Email Campaigns are also an important feature needed to build relationships with your clients using BusinessETouch:
Email Campaigns are crucial to build relationships with your clients using BusinessETouch.

Email Campaign in BusinessETouch

Use the Drip Email Campaigns to stay in touch with your clients every month. Use our pre-done emails or write your own and set up a campaign that sends an email every month promoting a different product that you sell. I also recommend that you don’t always focus on insurance products. A good recipe or household tip are great ways to stay in front of your clients each month and a couple of emails that promote yourself as an agent that they can count on is also a good idea. If you stay in front of your clients on a regular basis when they think of insurance your name is what will come to mind.

Your CRM will automatically send an Ecard on birthdays and anniversaries. Just set it up once and forget about it, and all your clients will get an Ecard from you on that special occasion. The same goes with an email notice that a policy is coming due. Use the mail merge to show your clients Insurer, Policy Number and Premium along with any other personal information you want to merge into the notice. Then once a month, pull up the list of clients that received the policy notice and take an hour or two and call each person that received that email. It’s this kind of personal service that will keep them coming back year after year.

And lastly, greeting cards are another great way to show your customers that you care. BusinessETouch has a third-party company that makes it very easy to send greeting cards for any occasion and use personal pictures, your handwriting and signature and you can even send nuts and candy or gift cards to say thank you to our clients.

These are just a few of the systems that can be set up in minutes, and over time, are a sure-fire way to build relationships with your clients using BusinessETouch. .

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