Montgomery Care – A common sense solution to America’s Healthcare debacle

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In light of the recent follies concerning health care in Washington, I have decided that I would offer my solution to America’s Healthcare Problems. This solution is so simple, I am shocked that our republican controlled congress did not propose a bill very similar to my solution. Government can not run healthcare. That has been proven over and over again in countries all over the world that offer socialized medicine. America has the best health care because of the free market, and if we take that free market away, we also take away the incentive needed to continue to strive to be the best. With the end result being long waits for procedures and substandard care.

Before Obama Care was passed we had a great system where healthy people were rewarded for their healthy lifestyle with health insurance that was priced based on the risk that the insurance company had to take to cover that person. We need to go back to that system, with a few additional changes. Here is a detailed explanation of my solution, I call it Montgomery Care.

Repeal Obama Care

Need I say more. I find it very interesting that when our Republican Congress knew that President Obama was going to veto their legislation they all voted to do a straight up repeal of Obama Care. Now that they have the opportunity to actually get it repealed, they came up with this plan that still offered guaranteed coverage for uninsurable people. HEALTH INSURANCE CAN NEVER WORK WITH GUARANTEED COVERAGE FOR EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY. If you know anything about insurance you understand this.

Tort Reform must happen

The first thing that needs to be done is some very important legislation to control frivolous lawsuits. Congress needs to pass laws that limit the amount that a person can receive in a legal action taken against doctors and hospitals.

I know that this is controversial and that our elected representatives who mostly come from the legal profession will probably never pass such a law. However, Tort reform is a huge factor in controlling healthcare costs. Malpractice insurance is a huge cost for doctors and Tort Reform could go a long way to lowering those costs. Also, with today’s litigious society doctors are forced to practice “defensive medicine” in order to cover their butts.  As part of this legislation, lawyers who bring frivolous lawsuits should be forced to cover the legal bills of the defendant. These reforms would go a long way to lowering health care costs.

Premiums should be Tax Free

Every individual and business that spends money on health insurance premiums should have 100% of that premium as a deduction on their taxes.

Health Saving Account gives control to the consumer

Congress should also pass Health Saving Account legislation that will allow every American to open an HSA with no requirements on purchasing health insurance. After all, this is America. We should all be free to choose how we want to cover ourselves for future health expenses. If someone doesn’t want to purchase insurance they should still be able to save tax free money for medical, dental and prescriptions. The annual deposit maximum should be at least $6,000 for an individual and $18,000 per family or more.

Control the cost of Prescriptions

Another important part of Montgomery Care would be for President Trump to use his “negotiation skills” and get the cost of prescriptions down to a reasonable level. Drug Manufactures deserve to make a profit but they should not be allowed to charge outrageous prices for life saving medications.

Group Insurance

Group insurance should be sold across state lines allowing companies to purchase insurance for their employees as they see fit.  What the employer does for one employee he must do for all. And making group insurance cover all employees regardless of health is a feature that worked before Obama Care and should be included in the post Obama Care group plans. This will allow business owners to use health insurance as a carrot to attract good employees. This type of group insurance provided coverage for millions of americans before Obama Care and can easily do so after Obama Care.

Free Market for Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance should be sold across state lines so every American can shop nationwide for the policy that they feel is appropriate for their health care. Forcing men, and women who have gone through menopause, to pay for a plan with maternity coverage is ridiculous. The government should not mandate any coverage. People should be able to choose what plan they want free from any government interference.

Forcing insurance companies to insure everyone regardless of health is absurd. This is the one feature in Obama Care that is driving the cost of health insurance to a point where no working class American can afford the cost of health insurance today.

The market should control the policies that insurance companies offer to their customers.  Some people want a plan with a low deductible and doctor visit and prescription co pays. Others prefer to have a $5,000 or even a $10,000 deductible plan. Each person should be able to purchase what they want. Along with being able to save tax free money in their HSA to pay for Medical, Dental and Prescriptions that are not paid by insurance.

As far as other coverages in the plan. Again, let the market dictate what is offered by insurance companies. If an individual wants to save money on premium and only have $,1,000,000 lifetime coverage. He should be able to make that choice. The government has no right to dictate what Americans have to purchase to protect their assets and family in the event of a serious health condition.

Uninsurable people should not be left out in the cold

There should be a high risk pool where people with serious medical conditions can get coverage. This high risk pool would be paid for by the uninsurable person by way of a premium and would be subsidised by the government and the insurance companies. The high risk pool should have different plans with various coverages just like the traditional plans so the consumer can choose the plan that best meets their needs. A plan like this would understandably cost more than a traditional plan but for people that can afford the coverage it would be a welcome option.

Uninsurable people that can not afford to purchase the high risk pool plan would be covered under Medicaid. Which is exactly what they have now.

In Conclusion

I realize that the government would have to work out the details on Tort Reform and Health Saving Accounts and consider the tax implications of Montgomery Care. However the proposed features listed above would not be a burden on the government. In fact, compared to what Obama Care and the American Health Care Act recently proposed by the republicans, my plan would cost the American Taxpayer pennies on the dollar.




  1. Your ideas are a step in the right direction, but I would suggest that their is an even easier solution.
    #1- Individual health insurance policies contain a preexisting condition exclusion. Issue the policy, but preexisting isn’t covered for two years. After two years of credible coverage then you can switch companies if you choose with no preexisting condition exclusion.
    #2- Uninsurables go into Medicare which can set up an enrollment period with actuarial based rates and subsidy system which is already in existence. You already have a number of insurance companies in that market. No big disruptions.
    #3- Group insurance as you suggest.
    #4-Hospitals/Doctors are free to decline to treat someone without coverage.
    Individual insurance across state lines would be difficult to regulate by the Insurance Depts and open to rampant fraud.

  2. Author

    I appreciate you input Chris. Your pre existing condition Idea is interesting. However it is still putting the insurance company is a position where they have to cover everyone (after 2 year) regardless of health. That is why insurance premiums are so high now.

    I do believe that if someone gets sick or injured with a policy in place. Government should require that the insurance company must continue to offer coverage. Also, individuals can not singled out for a rate increase. Both features that were part of the old system.

  3. Great ideas Marc. Just goes to prove “Common sense ain’t that common”!

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