Why you should hire a Personal Assistant

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If you are a good salesman than you probably are not good at keeping up with the clerical work needed to keep track of everything you do with your clients and prospects. And if you are good at clerical work you shouldn’t be spending time that could be spent prospecting and selling. That is why you should hire a personal assistant.

There is one exception to the above statement. If you are selling exclusively over the phone. Then you are in front of your computer all day. So as long as you have a good Contact Management System that is designed for health and life agents than you can easily handle the clerical matters that are required as you talk to each client and prospect. This article is for those agents that are selling person to person. Read on to learn why you should hire a personal assistant.

A Personal Assistant frees you up, to do what you do best, Sell.

A Personal Assistant can do all the tasks that take you away for prospecting and selling. And let’s face it. You probably are not doing 90% of the clerical work that every agent should be doing. Which is another reason why you should hire a personal assistant.

Why you should hire a Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

Here is a detailed list of the tasks that your Personal Assistant should be doing.

  • Appointment Services
    • Manage deadlines – Your Personal Assistant can help you keep track of what you need to do, such as getting back to a prospect, making sure applications are submitted to the carrier, following up with an underwriter, or any other item you need to follow up on.
    • Enter date and time stamped notes for each appointment.
    • Enter in upcoming appointments and schedule an Email or text message reminder to go to you and your client.
    • Email follow up messages after appointments.
    • Save a permanent record of every appointment.
  • Reminders
    • Send you an email each morning with a list of your calls and appointments for the day.
    • Send you an email each month with a list of clients who have a policy coming due.
    • Send a text message appointment reminder to you and your clients.
  • Selling Tools
    • Send a Contract Renewal Email to every client one month before the renewal date and set an Email or text message reminder for you to call them.
    • Send Email Campaigns to all your clients and prospects for you on any schedule you want.
    • Schedule annual renewal appointment with your clients.
  • Customer Care Services
    Why you should hire a Personal Assistant

    Personal Assistant

    • Send a Birthday Ecard to all your Clients and Prospects on their birthday.
    • Send a mail out birthday, sympathy or get well greeting cards in your handwriting and signature to your clients. (Requires an additional charge for the card and postage.)
    • Prepare newsletters
  • Email Services
    • Create all your emails for you
    • Set up Drip Email Campaigns
    • Save a permanent record of every incoming and outgoing Email for every client and prospect.
    • Read your emails and only send you the ones that are important.
    • Handle all correspondence – Once you are comfortable with your Personal Secretary He/She is the first line of defense in managing your email. How many times have you said you are buried in email? They make sure the important messages get to you and others do not.
  • Organization Services
    • Import all your clients and prospects into the system for you.
    • Handle information requests that come from your clients.
    • Keep track of all your policy information for each client.
    • Keep track of all your commissions listed by Company, Plan Name and Client. So you can easily check your commissions against the reports you get from your carriers.
  • Other Services
    Why you should hire a Personal Assistant

    Personal Assistant

    • Create and manage newsletters
    • Contact management assistance
    • Quote management assistance
    • Presentation creation in PowerPoint
    • Run your BusinessETouch CRM
    • Follow up on pending requirements
    • Make travel arrangements
    • Compile information
    • Make decisions – As you begin to trust the capabilities of your Personal Assistant, he/she can make decisions on the tasks they handle. You identify the situations you want to be consulted on, but otherwise your Personal Assistant can keep you out of the mundane by making prudent decisions on the issues you really don’t need to be involved in.

If you are like most agents you are not going to take care of all of these tasks at the end of each day. So you don’t have proper records of your clients and you don’t have anything in place to make sure that your clients stay with you year after year. So you are losing money in renewal income and you are not getting the referrals you would be getting if you took the time to build a relationship with your clients. Simply put, that is why you should hire a personal assistant.

Hiring a service can save you thousands.

When I was an active agent I had a personal assistant for 2002 to 2005. I paid her $10 an hour and with employment taxes and unemployment insurance I was paying close to $15 an hour. Betty was great, and a huge help to my business but having to pay out $2,400 a month for her help seamed like a lot to me. And nowadays if you want to get a quality person you would probably have to pay well above $10 an hour.

This is why I recommend you hire a service that offers personal assistant services for a fraction of the cost. These services have one assistant take care of multiple agents so the cost can be divided between many agent so your cost can be cut to a fraction of what you would have to pay an assistant that you hired yourself. BusinessETouch has a Personal Assistant service that is only $129 a month. And when paired with our Contact Management System that was specifically designed to meet the needs of health and life agents you have a turn key system to keep track of and stay in touch with your clients and prospects. Of course there also are other services that offer similar services that can easily be found with a google search.

I highly suggest that you hire a Personal Assistant and take your business to the next level.

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